Guest Post from Poppy: Editing & Confidence

Please enjoy a guest post from my critique partner, Poppy!

I’m currently editing my first book. Writing the first draft was a journey in and of itself. I think I was so excited to be done with it; I never imagined that the hardest part of the journey actually lay ahead of me!

Editing and revising (oh my!).

I, like all creative people, battle with the small voices inside my head. Stay with me, I promise I’m not a crazy lady! While I was writing my first draft there were these voices that continually barraged me with several thoughts:

“Are you sure you can do this?

“You’re not a good enough writer to write a book.”

“Stick to your day job!”

“Who do you think you are?”

At first the voices were loud, but the more I wrote, the less those voices mattered. Now that I’m done with the first draft, and I’m working on revising and re-writing, the voices are back. Lately I've been working on ways to shut them out for good.

One of the writing books that’s helped me the most on this journey is Alan Watt’s book “The 90-Day Novel”. In it he drops this little gem:

“You are uniquely qualified to write your story.”

One of the ways I deal with those voices when they come a knocking is I remind them that I am qualified to tell this story, because in a way the story chose me.  My book idea is a result of my life experiences, my influences and the quirkiness that rumbles around in my cute little brain.  And the same is true of you. Your story chose you for a reason, which means that you are qualified to bring it to life. It won’t be easy (believe me!). It will take hard work and discipline and patience, but if you stick with it in the end you will do your story proud.

So next time you hear those voices, remind them who's boss!

Keep an eye on Poppy's blog {Poppy Writes a Book} for follow-up posts about her writing process, favorite new books, and probably a Firefly quote now and then :-)