Creative Exhaustion

I began writing my third novel last Friday. I'm 10,000 words in, and I even have a title! Now that I'm drafting again, I've had to make adjustments to how I use my brain power. The part of my brain that's responsible for making stuff up seems to act like a vacuum, stealing energy from the rest of my brain and leaves me feeling kind of vegetable-y. Every morning, I've been writing. I start out fresh and excited, but by the end of the session, although I'd like to keep going, I'm forced to stop because I lose focus, like I'm running out of juice. Even this post is surprisingly difficult to write.

This creative exhaustion is even messing with basic communication skills. I was on the phone with my mom today and I had to stop half a dozen times just to ask her what we were talking about. My mind wasn't wandering. I wasn't thinking about anything else. Just drawing blanks. So that's probably what can be expected from this blog for a little while: blank pages. It sucks because I'm making tons of progress with the new novel and I want to talk about it, but it'll have to wait until later. Maybe my brain just needs exercise. I'd like to be to write 2,000 words and still have enough brain power left over to write a blog post or have a phone conversation.

So what have I been doing with all this brain-dead time in the afternoons? A lot of it has been spent planning an epic birthday party for my husband. I'm also trying to cook healthier meals for us, and that takes more time than it took me to cook meals that weren't as healthy. And I've discovered Eureka! I'm still mad at Netflix about their price hike, so I won't actually thank them, but I have enjoyed watching the first three seasons of this show. It's super geeky and full of awesome characters and surprisingly plausible science.

That's all I can muster for now. Here's hoping that anyone who reads this is getting along better with their brain than I am with mine!