My Favorite Querying Advice

If you're reading this years or even months from now, you may not know it, but I only released this blog into the world two days ago. Before then (for TWO YEARS before then) the blog was private. Not even my husband read my entries. But if I want to be an author, I'll need the courage to expose my thoughts to the world. Making the blog public is practice.

Speaking of blogs, one to which I subscribe is that of author Susan Dennard. She wrote a great series of posts on how she got her agent. Most debut authors write posts like this, but too many are just braggy rather than helpful. Susan Dennard's posts are very helpful, so much so that I'm going to post links to each of them below.

Susan Dennard's Blog Posts on Querying:

How I Got My Agent (Part 1: The Parts of a Good Query)

How I Got My Agent (Part 2: The Prep)

How I Got My Agent (Part 3: Query Submissions)

How I Got My Agent (Part 4: The Calls)