I was in a room with Stephenie Meyer.

The other night, Derek and I went down to Beverly Hills to see Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess do a reading from her new book. She did a signing afterward. I brought her a little posy of flowers, but she was much more impressed by the miniature metal chickens people brought her. (This post on her blog explains why.)

Because Jenny is hilarious, her reading was great. It even succeeded in making my husband a fan. They did a Q&A after the reading and a moderated discussion with Soleil Moon Frye, but I learned that I do not like Q&A sessions. Nobody asked a single thing that contributed to the evening. A lot of people talked about themselves. One hideous woman (personality-wise) took the opportunity to PLUG her own blog! Derek and I almost starting booing.

Now on to the part where I feel incredibly silly. It happened about 10 minutes ago. I read a post Jenny wrote about the reading in Beverly Hills and looked at the pictures she included. One of the pictures had a very normal looking woman in it and I was kind of like, "Wait, she doesn't photograph the metal chickens or my beautiful flowers, but she photographs this lady in a cardigan?" Then I read the post and the woman is STEPHENIE MEYER. I was in the same room with her and didn't even know it and honestly, I could just shoot myself in the foot.

Derek doesn't understand why I should notice her. (He hasn't read Twilight and is one of many people who staunchly insist that it must suck even though they haven't read it.) Twilight is not my favorite series, but that woman did a lot of things right, including building a hell of a lot of sexual tension and making every adolescent girl's dreams come true in the forms of Edward and Jacob. If you can't respect her for that, respect her for the fact that she's been incredibly successful, or for the fact that in the media, she seems like a genuinely kind person.

TLDR: I was in a room with Stephenie Meyer *facepalm* and I didn't even notice.