Drafting Cycles

Work on Vix continues. I'm on my second draft right now. The first draft wasn't complete, but this seems to be the way I write:

  1. Develop an idea.
  2. Write a rough outline.
  3. Write the first few chapters to let characters and plot develop. They're going to take over anyway. Creating a safe space in which to let them seems to work well.
  4. Stop draft to write a very specific, detailed outline.
  5. Write a second draft.
  6. Stop when I start to lose control again.
  7. Re-outline.
  8. Write next draft, and so on.

This way, the book builds itself incrementally. Vix is my third novel, and this is the third time I've worked this way, so I think it's safe to say there's a pattern. Right now I'm on Step #5. I'm already working off an outline for my second draft, but last week I stopped to outline the rest of the book. I converted the complete outline into a synopsis, which is something I need for the conference in Big Sur anyway.

Onward and upward!