Writing Conference

I am going to the Big Sur Writing Workshop! Let me tell you, getting to the point that I can say that has been a process! The first night I heard about it, I stayed up for hours wondering if I had the courage to go someplace so far away, by myself, to hang out with strangers and share my writing with them, take professional criticism etc. It's a scary prospect, but the more I thought about it and discussed it with Derek, the more I realized it's a great opportunity, and after writing for two years, this seems like the right time to do it.

Once I decided I had the guts to go, I had to register, then submit a query letter and an excerpt of my current WIP to get accepted. Whoever thought you had to be accepted to a conference? I sure didn't. Poppy and my sister helped me tear my letter and excerpt apart and put them back together several times. I emailed my materials to the conference coordinator on Monday and got my response yesterday.

I actually cried when I saw I'd gotten in. I know it sounds dramatic, but in terms of writing, I've known nothing but rejection. The relief of being validated after all that rejection was overwhelming. Now that I'm going to the conference, I'm working on getting my MS into better shape and making a list of things I'll need to pack because nothing is good for procrastinating like making lists.