Dance of the Sugarpink Comment Bubbles

I have come to love revising. When I was writing the first two drafts of Mina, I was constantly plagued with doubt. I worried that the book wouldn't "work". I thought I was going to get to the end and realize that all these loose threads I'd written could not be tied up, that the plot was irreparably broken, that it would make no sense to anybody, including me. While writing Draft #3, I fixed a lot of the things about the plot that made it broken, and my confidence in the story grew.

My confidence continues to grow now, as I revise again. The flaws are now few enough that I can actually count them and contain them within those little pink comment bubbles in Word. As I re-read each chapter, I delete and add new comment bubbles, expand in areas where I can, and eventually I get to stare at a clean chapter, free from pink comment bubbles, and it's beautiful. I have 12 - count 'em! - TWELVE of these beautiful, clean chapters now, and what's more is that I've built up my word count!

The manuscript is now 245 pages long, or 61,250 words. 65k words is my goal, which means I'm almost there!