Finishing Drafts

Draft #3 Update:

Pages: 173

Words: 44,264

Chapters: 20

After a few days of emotional paralysis in which I inexplicably found it impossible to write, I wrote this morning up to the points you see above. I think my problem the past few days has been that I'm too close to the end. I know that if I try really hard, I could finish the draft this week, do a once-over and send it off to my betas. I'm dying to get to that stage - so why am I dragging my feet? Maybe I'm so excited about the next stage that I've stopped caring so much about this one. I think I remember that happening in school, like at the end of the year. Or maybe I'm sad to be finishing. I felt miserable for a solid week when I finished Draft #1, and that made NO sense to me at the time, but if I get depressed after the completion of this draft, I'll have to acknowledge a pattern.

Anyway, to reward myself for writing so much this morning, I spent the rest of the day reading and working on my submission database. This is an Excel spreadsheet I made six months ago during the above-mentioned period of depression after finishing Draft #1. I have an A-list and a B-list of agents. I've ranked them so that when I'm ready to submit, I know exactly who to submit to and when. I even have my query letter done! My husband looked it over and made a suggestion that allowed me to cut the letter down to one page, so as far as I'm concerned, that's ready to go.

Nathan Bransford posted this on his blog this morning and I thought it was so brilliant that I put it on a Post-it and added it to my wall of notes/maps/character profiles:

A character's desire + Consequences/stakes + Obstacles + Delay = Mystery