Maps & Blueprints

This morning I meant to go swimming. I even wore my suit to the coffee shop where my husband and I eat breakfast (I wore it under my clothes - I'm not crazy). But then I didn't go to the Y to go swimming. I came home and sat my butt in front of my computer where I played a half hour of video games and then worked on revising my novel for . . . four and half hours now. I stopped to walk the dog and eat a bowl of cereal, but otherwise, I'm still in my speedo - which is getting increasingly uncomfortable, by the way - and the pool closes soon for team practice, so it doesn't look like I'll be going swimming until later tonight. Yep, that's how much I like revision.

Today started with line-editing Chapter 6. I didn't finished that yet because I realized I have some logistical problems that can only be solved with maps and blueprints. This is not something I would qualify as a problem, per se.

I love maps and blueprints.

I made a blueprint for my protagonist's bedroom, and then I made blueprints for ALL THREE levels of my antagonist's old Victorian mansion. I got really irritated trying to align the staircases - I guess that's something that's taught in Architecture 101, because it didn't come naturally to me - but otherwise, it was really fun visualizing exactly where my characters would do certain things, what rooms they would pass, what things they might see. My antagonist is rich, so his house included really cool things like a ballroom and a greenhouse and servants' quarters that made the blueprint challenging, but I'm quite happy with it now that it's done. The first floor of his house is pictured below. (For anyone who's interested, I make my blueprints in Word. It's amazing what you can do with auto-shapes.)

I'm starving now, but I'll get back to Chapter 6 this afternoon. My goal is to have Chapters 1-10 printed, marked up, and corrected by this coming Sunday. Extra credit if I get through Chapter 12 because that would be HALF THE BOOK!