Full Circle

Last November, I set aside a story I had been working on for a few months (Safira) and picked up the seed of Mina in the form of a short story I wrote in college. It's been a full year since I made that decision, and it fills me with pride to say that this November, I will finish and query my first novel.

I feel very nostalgic remembering last November. So many things have changed since then. I now write on a desktop iMac instead of a laptop, and due to that fact, I write at home instead of at the Coffee Bean down the street. I still get coffee there almost every morning, but I no longer stay until lunchtime.

Last November, I was terrified. I wanted to write a novel, but I had no idea how. The authors whose books and blogs I read seemed like Olympians to me - they lived in a magical place that I could only dream about. Granted, without an agent or a book deal, I haven't yet seen Olympus, but I'm no longer terrified because I believe my book is good enough to be published.
Also last November, I had just discovered Florence + the Machine and I listened to her music on repeat - three songs in particular:

  1. Dog Days are Over (of course)
  2. Cosmic Love
  3. You've Got the Love

Today, in full-circle form, I downloaded her new album and I'm listening to it as I write this and as I make the final revisions to Mina.