A Few Firsts

I sent out three queries for Mina yesterday. It was scary. I had worked on the letter for days and gotten several people's input, but I still worry that it isn't perfect. No, I'm sure it isn't perfect. I'm worried that it isn't good enough to get an agent's attention.

Today I got my first rejection letter via email. It was from one of my top three agencies. It was impersonal, but very kind, the sort of thing it's hard to get angry about. I'm a little sad. Even in 24 hours I had built up expectations, and the rejection, especially from an agent I so admired, was a blow. But I knew this was coming. I did. And I know there will be MANY more. I've read interviews with other authors enough to know that rejection is inevitable.

I'm comforting myself with some Parks & Recreation while I continue to work on my synopsis. (The queries I sent yesterday didn't require a synopsis, but most of the others do.) I had heard that synopses were difficult to write, but *tears hair out* OMG! Compared to this synopsis, the query letter was easy, and the novel is looking easier all the time! How do you fit 260 pages into 1-2 pages? Or even 3-5? If I figure it out, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm doing micro-synopses of every scene in my book. (There are 97 of them.) My plan is to string these little synopses together once I'm done and hopefully create a synopsis of the entire book.

(UPDATE, 7/29/12: This micro-synopsis method only sort of worked. I would not recommend it. It's not worth the effort, and there are better ways to write a synopsis.)

In much, much, MUCH more exciting news, tonight I'm going to a book launch party! It's Tahereh Mafi's for Shatter Me. I've followed Tahereh's blog for months. Reading it is kind of like getting affirmations because she always says such encouraging things.

I've been curious about book launch parties ever since I started writing. It's going to take Derek and I two hours in rush hour traffic to get there, but I am so excited. This will be the first time I meet anyone associated with the publishing world in person.