I write young adult science fiction about space, the ocean, and some of the stuff in between. I've been writing novels since 2010, and for a while, I wrote about my experience as a fledgling writer in my blog Learning to Write. I am represented by Ginger Knowlton of Curtis Brown.

I’m a skeptic and an idealist, which is why I’m so drawn to speculative fiction. I want the world to be far, far better than it is. I want technology to evolve faster. I want diseases to be cured. I want a self-driving revolution, cloned chicken wings, and a warp drive so we can join the United Federation of Planets. I am in no way qualified to make these things happen myself, but as a writer, I can do my part. I can write female characters who go beyond archetypes, who possess qualities that span the whole spectrum of humanity. I can use fiction to reinforce that radical notion that women are people, too.

I want to look back someday and see how the world has changed for the better. I want to see the Bechdel test outlive its utility. I want a movie like Wonder Woman to be the norm, and I want to see more women in the director's chair, telling stories from their point of view. I want people to stop accusing women of trying to have it all, and I want to put to death the idea that women are not capable of ruling their own bodies. I want to write stories that provide a road map by showing the world as it should be, not how it is.

That’s what I want. That’s why I write.