Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ruin & Rising Launch Party

Center: Book cover; Clockwise from top left: Bar sign, happy faces, me and Horsehead (AKA my husband) at the photo booth, Derek's drink, Leigh giving a charming speech that included reading from her middle school diary, my antler tattoos, giant book pages, and my view from the balcony

Last night, Derek and I attended the launch party for Leigh Bardugo's Ruin & Rising, the final installment in her Grisha Trilogy. The party was at The Last Bookstore in downtown LA, across the street from the very first apartment I lived in when I moved out here 7 years ago. I'll tell you, the intersection of 5th and Spring was not nearly as cool when I lived there. The only place I could walk to back then was the LA central library, and that was several blocks away!

The party sold out ahead of time and when Derek and I arrived 20 minutes early, the line was already around the corner from the bookstore's entrance. Pretty soon it was halfway down the block. Standing in line was fun, though. We got to see everyone's keftas and hats and a lot of costumes that had nothing to do with Leigh's books but looked like a lot of fun to wear. My costume was a set of temporary tattoos in the shape of antlers applied to my collarbone like Alina's amplifier. I thought it was pretty clever since it only cost me five bucks!

Once inside, we grabbed some drinks from the bar - an event-themed cocktail for Derek and plain old yummy champagne for me - and headed upstairs to escape the crowd and secure ourselves a good view of the stage. There were a few dozen seats set down on the main floor, but they were either all taken or reserved by the time we got inside. Not that I would have traded our balcony view. Derek loves the art lofts up there, so he wandered up and down the hall while I continued to enjoy looking at the costumes and fabulous decorations. There were giant pages from each of the three books, banners hanging between columns, and the entire scene was dotted with the bright red swag bags everyone was given at the door.

If there was ever a launch party that made for good study by an aspiring author, it was this one. I was so happy to be there, and I can't wait to devour the book.